Game Progress Route is a guide to direct you when, why and where to go in Sword Coast Legends. Please feel free to add info here and help other players find their way through the Forgotten Realms.

Game Progress Route

Required Locations
Required Steps

The High Road

1. Mercenaries' Cave
2. Bown-Strewn Burrow (Optional)
Complete After Them!

City Gates

3. Sewers
4. Wolf Den (Optional)
5. Noxious Chasm (Optional)
Complete Making an Entrance

Market District

6. Vitner's Keep (Optional)
7. Secret Cultist Lair (Optional)
Complete The Contact


8. East Catacombs
9. Maferil's Lyceum
10. North Catacombs (Optional)
11. West Catacombs (Optional)
Complete Into the Dead City
Complete The Mind of Madness

Market District

12. The Cutlass
13. Cutless Inn Cellar
14. Abandoned Sewers (Optional)
15. Slavers' Hideout (Optional)


16. Ruined Dragonblood Fort (Optional)
17. Tomb of the Ashen Priest (Optional)
Complete The Next Move

Neverwinter Wood

18. Gilded Eye Chapterhouse
19. Bear Den (Optional)
20. Temple of Ghaunadaur (Optional)
Complete An Eye for an Eye

Market District

21. Luskan Warehouse (Optional)


22. Luskan Mercenary Hideout (Optional)
Complete Chaos Breaks Loose


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