Campaign Creation Toolset in Sword Coast Legends is what Dungeon Masters will use to create campaigns. A campaign or module is a series of locations, dungeons and quests all chained together to form a large story driven adventure. From the Create Module , Dungeon Masters can use the Locations Editor , Characters Editor , Quests Editor , and Creature Sets Editor.

Campaign Creation Toolset Information

  • A brief overview of what you can do in each section of the custom campaign editor. Click on each heading for a more in depth breakdown of their features.
  • Modules are the creations made in the Create module. They are comprised of player made content as well as content downloaded from other players around the world. Modules can be rated by the community.
  • Modules can be customized by time and weather.
  • Upon selecting the option to create a module, the player is able to make changes to the overworld via Traps and Objects, and changing the time of day and the weather.

Locations Editor

Quests Editor

  • Create a customized quest

Characters Editor

Creature Sets Editor

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