Shields are Equipment in Sword Coast Legends. Shields require Proficiency Shield in order to use them. Fighters, Clerics, Paladins and Rangers all begin the game with this Proficiency. A broad piece of armor, usually carried or attached to an arm. shields allow the, bearer to purposefully block both ranged and melee attacks. While they vary wildly in size, shape, and weight, all shields serve primarily as defensive pieces, though they can be brought up for the occasional surprise bash or slam by a skilled warrior. Shields grant additional AC to the player and often provide other bonuses.



shield-icon.png Shield
Armor Class 1
Value: 10 Weight: 6

shield_of_sloth-icon.png Shield of Sloth
Armor Class 3
+4 Armor Class
-50% action speed
-30% move speed
15% Bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing damage resistance

aegis_of_helm.png Aegis of Helm
Armor Class 3
+1 Armor Class
Deals 1-3 Radiant damage to attackers when struck
75% Necrotic damage resistance

Brewbanks Family Shield
Armor Class 1
+1 Armor Class
Deals 1 Radiant damage to attackers when struck

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