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Ranger Abilities in the D&D game Sword Coast Legends are listed on this page. There are 7 Ability Trees for the Ranger to choose from, and Ability Points can be spent in any or all of them.

Ranger Ability Trees

favored_enemy.png Hunter

Hunters spend weeks, sometimes months at a time hunting their chosen prey in the wilderness. Their skills at stalking and tracking are unparalleled, and they usually learn all they can about a chosen enemy before closing in for the kill.

rangers_companion-icon.png Beast Master

Beast Masters are those rangers who have truly become one with nature, forming a bond between civilization and the wild. Beast Masters call animal companions to their aid in battle, not as servants, but as comrades with common goals.

goodberry-icon.png Nature

Defenders of the wilderness, those who understand the essence of Nature itself can sometimes gain knowledge of powerful, primal magic. These heroes can commune with and command the plants around therm and can even call upon the wind and storms to protect and cleanse their allies.

hail_of_thorns-icon.png Warden

Combining nature magic and archery, Wardens possess the ability to unleash a variety of magically infused trick shots upon their foes. Shooting with supernatural speed and agility, they can fire lightning bolts from their bows, rain thorns upon their enemies, and pierce right through even the toughest of armors.

whirlwind_attack.png Two-Weapon Fighting

Two-Weapon Fighting, or dual wielding, employs the use of a weapon in each hand. This style of combat allows one to rain blows upon their enemies, riposting and whirling across the battlefield in a dizzying ballet of death.

victorious_surge.png Martial

Whether a grizzled veteran or a squire in training, most professions have some degree of martial training. Those who excel in the use of arms, armor and melee combat are a fearsome force to behold on the battlefield. Martial abilities focus on manipulating the battlefield by weakening one's enemies.

hunters_mark-icon.png Archery

Masters of the bow and arrow or crossbow and bolt, a well-trained archer can often pick off their enemies long before they ever have a chance to reach them. The entire battlefield is an archer's target range, and they can call out targets to their allies, shoot down enemies one at a time, or even rain down arrows on multiple targets.

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