Main Stats
Intelligence, Constitution & Dexterity
Save Proficiencies
+2 to Intelligence & Wisdom saves
Wizard is a Class in the D&D game Sword Coast Legends.

Wizard Information

Wizards live live and die by their spells. Everything else is secondary. When making a Wizard your primary ability score should be Intelligence, followed by Constitution and Dexterity.

Notes: Unlike the traditional role of mages as damage dealers, they are more focused on support spells in Sword Coast Legends. Having a focus on dexterity and the mage armor ability makes a mage quite durable in battle. They also can wear every shield without effecting their spells for further protection.
Their cantrip damages outclasses most of their damage spells, which is important to not waste ability points. However some spells such as Haste or Summon Monster can easily turn the outcome of a battle.
Please note that saving throws against spells are often passed by enemies, which makes spells such as Sleep or Charm rather unreliable.

Recommended Races

Wizard Ability Trees

mage_armor.png Arcane

Arcanists gain their spells through the grueling study of ancient texts. Arcane magic contains some of the most popular and well known spells in wizardry, with a mix of both single target and area of effect spells.

ray_of_frost-icon.png Frost

Wizards channel the weave to create the power of ice. From simple rays to storms of frozen hail, these spells can both slow and weaken even the most stalwart of opponents.

witch_bolt-icon.png Lightning

Wizards use the art to channel raw power in the form of lightning. What starts as the ability to shock enemies with small sparks can eventually turn into the ability to unleash powerful electrical storms that leap between enemies on the battlefield.

fire_bolt-icon.png Flame

Flame spells focus on manipulating magical energy in order to produce powerful damaging effects, and are almost exclusively offensive in nature. From the classic fireball to a swarm of meteors, these spells deal fiery blasts
of death to their foes.

sleep-icon.png Manipulator

Manipulators affect the minds of others, influencing or controlling their behavior. As they become more powerful, master manipulators go from simply confusing their targets to actively controlling their minds, to the point that foes think of them as the best of friends.

invisibility-icon.png Transmuter

Transmuters modify energy and matter, changing the world to suit their purpose. Spells of this nature serve to both hide and protect a wizard and his companions, while also increasing their effectiveness in combat.

conjure_animal-icon.png Summoner

Summoners change the form of spells into recognizable objects. They can often manipulate and control the objects they summon, be it a beast bound to their service or an arrow made of acid.

Wizard Skills and Proficiencies

A character's Skills and Proficiencies define many of the things that they can do well, from using certain Weapons to picking a lock. While most adventurers start out proficient in the use of basic Weapons and Armor, more advanced techniques require specialized training and talent. Each Class starts out with their own set of Skills and Proficiencies. Wizard start out with the following:

stabilize-icon.png Stabilize
armor_proficiency_cloth-icon.png Armor Proficiency Cloth
simple_weapon_proficiency_light_crossbow-icon.png Simple Weapon Proficiency Light Crossbow
simple_weapon_proficiency_quarterstaff-icon.png Simple Weapon Proficiency Quarterstaff
simple_weapon_proficiency_dagger-icon.png Simple Weapon Proficiency Dagger

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