Dungeon Master Guide for Sword Coast Legends. This is a guide with basic tips and advice for getting started on creating your own Campaigns .

Dungeon Master Guide

Dungeon Master Mode is accessed from the main menu by selecting Dungeon Master. From there you can select Create Module, Play Campaign or Dungeon Crawl.

Dungeon Master Options

  • Create Module: Access the Campaign Creation Toolset to start creating and editing your own campaigns
  • Play Campaign: DM a player created module for a group of adventurers
  • Dungeon Crawl: DM quick randomly generated dungeons for a group of adventurers

Basic Dungeons Master Concepts

  • DM Threat
  • Dungeons are randomly generated, with the DM able to customize the creature and trap elements present inside

Campaign Creation Concepts

Quest Creation Concepts

Creature Creation Concepts

Location Creation Concepts

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