Classes can be selected in Sword Coast Legends. The classes each have their own role within a balanced party.

Classes Information



Clerics combine the helpful magic of healing and inspiring their allies with spells that harm and hinder foes. Sometimes evildoers benefit most from a mace to the head, so clerics don't neglect combat training. When making a cleric, make Wisdom your highest ability score, followed closely by Constitution and Strength.



Fighters learn the basics of all combat styles. Likewise, a fighter is adept with shields and every form of armor. When creating a fighter, focus on Dexterity or Strength as your highest ability score, depending on if you want to focus on melee weapons or archery. Constitution should be the second highest score.



Paladins train for years to learn the skills of combat, mastering a variety of weapons and armor. Even so, their martial skills are secondary to the magical power they wield. When making a paladin, focus on Strength for physical attacks and Charisma for spellcasting.



Rangers focus their combat training on techniques that are particularly useful against their favored foes. Thanks to their familiarity with the wilds, rangers can also cast spells that harness nature's power. When making a ranger, focus on Dexterity for physical abilities and Wisdom for spellcasting.



Rogues prioritize skill over brute strength. They have an almost supernatural knack for avoiding danger, and a few rogues learn magical tricks. When creating a rogue, prioritize Dexterity above other ability scores, followed by Intelligence if you plan to do any spellcasting.



Wizards live live and die by their spells. Everything else is secondary. When making a Wizard your primary ability score should be Intelligence, followed by Constitution and Dexterity.

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