Cleric Abilities in the D&D game Sword Coast Legends are listed on this page. There are 7 Ability Trees for the Cleric to choose from, and Ability Points can be spent in any or all of them.

Cleric Ability Trees

produce_flame-icon.png Divine

Divine abilities represent the power of the gods channeled directly through their followers. They involve such miracles as fire from thin air. pillars of flame shooting up from the ground, and even the power to split the very earth itself.

divine_strike-icon.png Righteous Champion

Champions who fight in the name of their gods are imbued with a bit of that god's power, enough to strike down their enemies with divine righteousness, and to sand the foulest of enemies running away in fear.

sacred_flame-icon.png Light

Clerics of Light promote the ideals of rebirth and renewal, truth, vigilance, and beauty, which the gods they follow represent. While most of these abilities focus on healing the injured, the power of Light can also be a powerful weapon against servants of darkness.

bless-icon.png Life

Chief among a divine servant's duties is to grant salvation and aid to others. Through a variety of blessings and chants, these heroes can bolster their allies, restore the cursed and injured, and bring hope to those in need of aid.

divine_smite-icon.png War

Holy champions who follow the gods of war excel in battle and inspire those around them. Almost exclusively offensive in nature, war abilities focus on dealing massive amounts of Divine damage, smiting one's enemies on the battlefield with righteous fury.

shield_bash-icon.png Protection

Regardless of their class, heroes that are of true heart seek, above all else, to protect and defend their allies and those who cannot fend for themselves. Protection abilities focus on the ability to close quickly with enemies and to defend against the strongest of attacks.

victorious_surge-icon.png Martial

Whether a grizzled veteran or a squire in training, most professions have some degree of martial training. Those who excel in the use of arms, armor and melee combat are a fearsome force to behold on the battlefield. Martial abilities focus on manipulating the battlefield by weakening one's enemies.

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