Main Stats
Strength, Dexterity & Constitution
Save Proficiencies
+2 to Strength & Constitution saves
Fighter is a Class in D&D game Sword Coast Legends.

Fighter Information

Fighters learn the basics of all combat styles. Likewise, a fighter is adept with shields and every form of armor. When creating a fighter, focus on Dexterity or Strength as your highest ability score, depending on if you want to focus on melee weapons or archery. Constitution should be the second highest score.

Notes: The great advantage of fighters is the number of attacks they can perform each round. This makes the fighter the class with the highest damage output over time. Also they can use every weapon type, which grants them a certain flexibility. Having a strong focus on physical attributes makes fighters vulnerable to paralyzing or controlling spells of mages and boss enemies.

Recommended Races

Fighter Ability Trees

commanders_shout-icon.png Battle Master

Battle Masters take an almost academic approach to combat, employing a high level of veteran tricks and battlefield tactics to both rally their allies and manipulate the battlefield against their enemies. Battle Masters know exacly how best to intimidate their opponents, and when to pull on all of their reserve strength for a finishing blow.

steel_serpent-icon.png Champion

Champions focus on the development of raw physical power honed to deadly perfection. Champions train day and night with almost all known weapons, learning how to use each one most effectively in order to deal devastating critical strikes to their opponents.

whirlwind_attack.png Two-Weapon Fighting

Two-Weapon Fighting, or dual wielding, employs the use of a weapon in each hand. This style of combat allows one to rain blows upon their enemies, riposting and whirling across the battlefield in a dizzying ballet of death.

charge-icon.png Great Weapon Fighting

Great Weapon Fighting employs the use of extremely large and powerful weapons, most of which must be wielded with two hands. While the attacks of Great Weapons can be slower, nothing can match their sheer power, range, and striking force.

shield_bash-icon.png Protection

Regardless of their class, heroes that are of true heart seek, above all else, to protect and defend their allies and those who cannot fend for themselves. Protection abilities focus on the ability to close quickly with enemies and to defend against the strongest of attacks.

victorious_surge.png Martial

Whether a grizzled veteran or a squire in training, most professions have some degree of martial training. Those who excel in the use of arms, armor and melee combat are a fearsome force to behold on the battlefield. Martial abilities focus on manipulating the battlefield by weakening one's enemies.

hunters_mark-icon.png Archery

Master of the bow and arrow or crossbow and bolt, a well-trained archer can often pick off their enemies long before they ever have a chance to reach them. The entire battlefield is an archer's target range, and they can call out targets to their allies, shoot down enemies on at a time or even rain down arrows on multiple targets.

Fighter Skills and Proficiencies

A character's Skills and Proficiencies define many of the things that they can do well, from using certain Weapons to picking a lock. While most adventurers start out proficient in the use of basic Weapons and Armor, more advanced techniques require specialized training and talent. Each Class starts out with their own set of Skills and Proficiencies. Fighters start out with the following:

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