Items are Equipment in Sword Coast Legends. They include Consumables, Magic Items and Mending Parts.



placeholder.png Potion of Healing
Value: 50 Weight: 1.5

placeholder.png Potion of Greater Healing

placeholder.png Potion of Regeneration

placeholder.png Potion of Restoration
You cleanse yourself of a single negative effect. Examples of negative effects include damage over time, silences, and ability score reductions.
Value: 20 Weight: 1.5


placeholder.png Garlic

Misc. Items

placeholder.png Silver and Gold Brooch

placeholder.png Healer's Kit
Stabilizes an ally, reviving them with 30-40 hit points.
Value: 250 Weight: 0.5

placeholder.png Mielikki Statue

placeholder.png Flask of Oil

placeholder.png Grave Dust


placeholder.png Scroll of Magic Missile

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