Main Stats
Dexterity & Intelligence
Save Proficiencies
+2 to Dexterity & Intelligence saves
Rogue is a Class in the D&D game Sword Coast Legends.

Rogue Information

Rogues prioritize skill over brute strength. They have an almost supernatural knack for avoiding danger, and a few rogues learn magical tricks. When creating a rogue, prioritize Dexterity above other ability scores, followed by Intelligence if you plan to do any spellcasting.

Recommended Races

Rogue Ability Trees

hide-icon.png Scoundrel

Often falling on both sides of the law, most Scoundrels have mastered the art of deception and thievery, whether it is for their own personal gain or in service of those in need. Skulking in shadows and striking without warning, these abilities are usually what rogues are famous for.

dash-icon.png Thief

Dashing in and out of combat with ease. Thieves are a sight to behold on the battlefield, and among the most difficult of enemies to keep track of. Their combat skills are equalled only by their charm and persuasion, along with their ability to get into areas and make use of items never meant for them.

hidden_dagger-icon.png Assassin

Dealers of death, an Assassin's sole goal is to execute their targets as quickly and efficiently as possible. Assassin abilities focus on closing quickly with their prey and striking with devastating force. Many foes do not even see an assassin's blade until it is too late.

sleep-icon.png Arcane Trickster

Some rogues enhance their fine honed skills of stealth and agility with magic, learning tricks of enchantment and illusion. The abilities of an arcane trickster focus on distraction and confusing one's enemies making them far more susceptible to their powerful melee attacks.

whirlwind_attack-icon.png Two-Weapon Fighting

Two-Weapon Fighting, or dual wielding employs the use of a weapon in each hand. This style of combat allows one to rain blows upon their enemies, riposting and whirling across the battlefield in dizzying battle of death

victorious_surge-icon.png Martial

Whether a grizzled veteran or a squire in training, most professions have some degree of martial training. Those who excel in the use of arms, armor and melee combat are a fearsome force to behold on the battlefield. Martial abilities focus on manipulating the battlefield by weakening one's enemies.

hunters_mark-icon.png Archery

Master of the bow and arrow or crossbow and bolt, a well-trained archer can often pick off their enemies long before they ever have a chance to reach them. The entire battlefield is an archer's target range, and they can call out targets to their allies, shoot down enemies on at a time or even rain down arrows on multiple targets.

Rogue Skills and Proficiencies

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