Wizard Skills and Proficiencies in Sword Coast Legends. The Wizard Class has a specific skill and proficiency tree for customizing characters. They determine the types of Weapons and Armor the player can use as well as actions the player can do.

Wizard Skills and Proficiencies Information

A character's Skills and Proficiencies define many of the things that they can do well, from using certain Weapons to picking a lock. While most adventurers start out proficient in the use of basic Weapons and Armor, more advanced techniques require specialized training and talent. Each Class starts out with their own set of Skills and Proficiencies. Wizards start out with the following:

stabilize-icon.png Stabilize
armor_proficiency_cloth-icon.png Armor Proficiency Cloth
simple_weapon_proficiency_light_crossbow-icon.png Simple Weapon Proficiency Light Crossbow
simple_weapon_proficiency_quarterstaff-icon.png Simple Weapon Proficiency Quarterstaff
simple_weapon_proficiency_dagger-icon.png Simple Weapon Proficiency Dagger

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