Aegis of Helm is a Weapon in Sword Coast Legends.

Aegis of Helm

Armor Class
Proficiency Shield
+1 Armor Class
Deals 1-3 Radiant damage to attackers when struck
75% Necrotic damage resistance

Aegis of Helm Information

The followers of Helm believe in defense, protection, and in the destruction of those who would attack innocents. This shield, blessed by a powerful cleric of Helm, not only protects its wielder, but also smites its wielder's attacker, providing retribution against those who would do harm to Faeran's protectors.


Broken Piece of Shield x3
  1. Location of part A In a trapped chest outside of the Gilded Eye Chapterhouse on the West side, beside the Bear Den located in Neverwinter Wood.
  2. Location of part B In large chest of Gilded Eye Chapterhouse's Armory (which can only be accessed once you have the key from upstairs)
  3. Location of part C Drops from skeletons at the statue Dedicated to the Rogue in the secret tunnels beneath the Gilded Eye Chapterhouse dungeon.

Oversized Symbol of Helm - (name and obtainment unconfirmed. Working on verifying) If you actually let Sir Banagar live, you can convince him to help you fight demons in the Slums. He will give you the Symbol, which he had been using as an amulet.

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    • Anonymous

      Oversized symbol of helm05 Aug 2016 03:37  

      Can only be obtained if you spare sir banagar after the story mission chaos breaks loose you can loot it from his corpse

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