Locations Editor in Sword Coast Legends is what the player Dungeon Master uses to create and edit custom locations and dungeons.

Locations Editor Information

Locations Options

  • Create a new area location, and place it on the Faerun or Underdark overworld map.
  • Create or edit a randomized dungeon
  • Edit the details of a particular location or dungeon, such as name, description, difficulty, size, complexity, creature sets and tile sets
  • Placement of Enemies, Traps and Objects, and NPCs within a location
  • Make Traps and Objects discoverable through spot DC checks
  • Attach objects to quests
  • Change the nature (melee rush, ambush, etc.) and difficulty of a room within a dungeon

Area Scene Types

  • City
    • Human City Gates (L)
    • Human City Streets A,B,C,D (S)
  • Forest
    • Forest with Castle (L)
    • Forest A,B,C (S)
  • Mountains
    • Mountain A,B (S)
  • Grasslands
    • Grassland A,B (S)
  • Swamps
    • Swamp (L)
    • Swamp A,B (S)
  • Underdark
    • Forlorn Cliffs (L)
    • Underdark A,B,C (S)

Dungeon Tile Sets

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