Slums is a Location in Sword Coast Legends. Luskan's poor share a district with the city's dead, the two groups nearly equally forgotten by Luskan's richer inhabitants. With undead infestations not uncommon in Luskan's cemetery, the land nearby was left unused, open for settlement by Luskan's homeless and downtrodden.

Slums Information

General Information


Area Walkthrough

This area is quite simple. There are 3 residences (1 of which is Miranda's shop) and 3 Catacombs. Get supplies from Miranda and loot them from enemies around the area and then enter the Catacombs. Enter Maferil's Lyceum and complete The Mind of Madness. After that you will be able to enter the Ruined Dragonblood Fort and speak to Finbail.

After acquiring the quest Chaos Breaks Loose and speaking with Soronil this area will set fire and ridden with demons and Gilded Eye. You will have to fight your way through them and speak to Tasyllys and fight the large Demon there. Speak to the Drow after.

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