Bloody Pirates

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type
Side Quest
Market District (Luskan)
Linked Quests
Into the Dead City

Bloody Pirates is a Side Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by speaking to Ridrien Karsten in the Market District.

Bloody Pirates Information

Important NPCs


  • 1500 gold (2000) if you pass CHA check


  1. Locate the captain of Sancaria
  2. Defeat Captain Falcrow
  3. Search the Captain
  4. Unlock the chest and retrieve the Cargo
  5. Return the Carge to Ridrien


After obtaining the quest head to the Slums and enter the (edit: East Catacombs) West Catacombs. Fight your way through the Vampires and find Captain Falcrow. Defeat him and his dogs and loot his corpse. Open the nearby chest with the key he possessed and take the cargo back to Ridrien in the Market District.

Return the Cargo to Ridrien at Karstin Imports.

Note: Captain Falcrow was also found in the North Catacombs.

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