Maferil's Lyceum is a Location in Sword Coast Legends. This hidden sanctum was a former safe haven for Maferil and his apprentices to study and practice necromancy. Recently, without explanation or warning, Maferil expelled all his apprentices and shut the lyceum permanently.

Maferil's Lyceum Information

General Information


Area Walkthrough

Once inside Maferil's Lyceum be careful for traps in the first area. After that head through and kill the Undead that litter the area and watch out for the fire traps, they are deadly. There is a puzzle here that has two solutions. One opens the door to a chest that contains Eldinger and the other opens the door to a bunch of Zombies (one of which drops a part for a bow). That statue puzzle opens the door to Maferil. Defeat him and then speak with him. Be sure to loot the many high-powered scrolls before exiting. Use Search to find them all.

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