Pulled Back In

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type
Side Quest
Adventurer's Camp
Linked Quests
The Mind of Madness

Pulled Back In is a Side Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by speaking to Larethar in the Adventurer's Camp after completing The Mind of Madness.

Pulled Back In Information

Important NPCs



  1. Meet Thoradin at the Cutlass
  2. Meet Thoradin at the Luskan Slums
  3. Find the group that stole Thoradin's contraband in the Slums
  4. Search the Dragonblood Fort for Thoradin's stash


Speak with Thoradin at The Cutlass. Travel to the Slums and speak to him there again. Use the Search skill to locate the blood on the ground and follow it to the Elite Guard. Kill him and enter the Ruined Dragonblood Fort. Inside the Ruined Dragonblood Fort there are 2 levels. The first level is littered with traps. There are about 20 or so, and a bunch of Guards. Disarm the traps and kill the guards. Loot the locked chest for a key that will open the second level and loot the Slave Trade Records from the table. Head towards the door to the second level disarming traps as you go.

On the second level there are no traps, there is simply the Dragonblood Captain boss and 2 guards. Kill them for the Dragonbloods Cloak of Office and press forward. Search the stash and speak to Thoradin. You can convince him to quit his life of crime or let him continue.

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