Evermoors is a Location in Sword Coast Legends. Also known as the "Trollmoors", this region of bog-pocked hills, long rolling vistas, rocky ridges, and small peaks, hides deposits of valuable ores and good land for sheep herding. Still, few humans have ever tried to tame this region due to the many trolls.

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You are attacked by another Solar'el in the beginning section of this area. Loot her for another Dagger piece. There is also a chest nearby that has the Cape of Inner Peace. Examine the troll warning to begin the Off in the Fog quest. Make your way further into the Evermoors, survive the Drow ambush on the road and press forward. There are many Trolls and monsters up ahead. Your quest will update when you get closer to the captives. They are guarded by a Troll Bonekeeper and an Oni Matriarch. Defeat them, free the captives and loot the chest behind them which contains Titan's Maul.

Keep fighting your way through the Trolls and Worgs until you get to another Oni and a World Travel point. Kill them and examine Drakhar near the World Travel. Search near him to reveal Drakhar's Boots. Head the left and into the Troll Cave and do the Troll Patriarch quest. There is a book near the entrance that if you pass the WIS check you can put the Dwarven Skull into the ground and you will be ambushed by Cultists.

Keep pushing through the Trolls and you will come to Tathnet. You can kill him or not and loot the chest behind him.Head north to the village. At the village there is a merchant Datviln you can sell to and several NPCs. Speak with Andra and pick up the Sticky Situation quest and then head back to free the villagers (there are several cocoons, some are empty). There are lots of spiders in that area so be careful. This will trigger the Spiderbane quest. Gather the ingredients for Andra. This will trigger 3 Black Pudding to spawn nearby at an altar. It is an extremely difficult fight. You can use the Altar after you have spoken to Andra and Yenrry. Go through the passageway and confront Andra.Use the potion and head into Rhylfang's Lair

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