An Eye for an Eye

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Quest Type
Main Quest
Market District
Linked Quests
The Next Move

An Eye for an Eye is a Main Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by completing The Next Move.

An Eye for an Eye Information

Important NPCs



  1. Travel to Neverwinter Wood
  2. Locate the chapterhouse
  3. Find a way inside the chapterhouse
  4. Find the prison
  5. Find Bryn
  6. Find the secret passage


Head to Neverwinter Wood. Speak to Hindryx and if your CHA is high enough (and you gave him money in City Gates) you can convince the guards that you are part of the band and they will let you in, otherwise, fight the Guilded Eye. There are a couple locked chests here and one has a piece to a shield. There is also another entrance to the Bear Den with a locked chest and a hidden wall. There is some more loot here, including a note on how to access the hidden door to the Guilded Eye Chapterhouse and another hidden door. This will take you back to the main area of the Bear Den. Head back out the way you came in and Search immediately for the entrance to the chapterhouse. Enter the combination in the journal (Owlbear, Ankheg, Eagle).

Enter the chapterhouse and loot the key from the chest. Head through the barracks and kill the Gilded Eye and loot their rooms for good loot. Head through the main hall, killing the Gilded Eye and looting. The stairs to the lower area are up ahead on the right, head down them. Here you will find more Gilded Eye and the main entrance to the chapterhouse. The armory is just near the entrance along with the entrance to the Catacombs. Make sure you get the book in the library on this floor that begins the quest The Blind Beggar. There is also a puzzle here that you need to solve to get Mace of Sir Valatir and Shield of Sir Valatir. The order is "Holy Warrior", "The Cost of Valor", "Courage Before the Fall".

Once inside the Catacombs kill the Gilded Eye here and locate and kill the Inquisitor to receive the Vampiric Sickle. Once at the kennels, defeat the Mastiffs and Gilded Eye there and feed the caged Mastiffs if wish their help. To dispel the barrier match the runes on the pillars to the runes on the pedestals and then head inside and fight the Warden. After being sealed in by the Gilded Eye, head right and free Leoril for the Free the Bartender quest. The head left. Speak with Morlesh to begin the Ghaunadaur quest. There is a hidden door in one of the cells here, use it to descend.

Kill the rats here and loot the chest. You will need to collect the pieces for the statue here to unlock the final door. Rogue Bust, Crossbow and Gem of Shadows. There are 2 trapped chests just beyond the door and another door. In the next room is an ambush by Gilded Eye Assassins. Defeat them and head forward then left. There are some more rats and Gilded Eye here and lots of loot. Then backtrack to the ambush room and head straight and to the right. Up ahead is Jessia. Defeat her and exit to [[Neverwinter Wood].

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