Mercenaries' Cave is a Location in Sword Coast Legends. These caves are chilly and humid, with air that smells of rotting meat and sulphur. Tiny footprints mix with the tread of armored boots in the wet stone on the cavern floor. A fine place for a hideout... but whose hideout, you can't be certain.

Mercenaries' Cave Information

General Information


Area Walkthrough

This Cave has 3 layers. You need to make your way through all 3 in order to complete the main quest and advance the game. Richard Brewbanks is on the first floor, so find him if you want to do the The Twin Crest quest. On the second floor is an injured Mercenary. Help him if you wish to begin A Merc's Dying Wish quest. There is also a thief trying to steal from the Goblins on this floor. If you get the scepter from him, the Goblins on the next floor will attack the Mercenaries, making the level easier to complete. On the 3rd floor you will find the stolen goods for the A Shady Deal quest. At the end of the third floor is Sir Banagar. Defeat him and complete the After Them! quest and exit through the back of the cave.

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