Bear Den is a Location in Sword Coast Legends. A natural cavern along the edges of the clearing, this cave offers a slight respite from the cold of the forest... but the stink of flesh and the conspicuous sounds of movement and breath lead you to believe that you are not alone.

Bear Den Information

General Information


Area Walkthrough

Inside examine the trap. If you have high enough INT you can ?, otherwise press forward into the den. There is a trap just before the fork. There is a chest with some loot to the right. Double back and go left. There is a trap here, disarm it and continue on. Steel-Toothe is just ahead. Kill him and collect your reward.

There is also another entrance to the Bear Den located inside the Guilded Eye's territory. There is a locked chest and a hidden wall. There is some more loot here and another hidden door. This will take you back to the main area of the Bear Den.

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