Making an Entrance

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Quest Type
Main Quest
City Gates
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After Them!

Making an Entrance is a Main Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by leaving The High Road.

Making an Entrance Information

Important NPCs


  • 1470 XP


  1. Speak to the Caravan Leader
  2. Investigate the gate to Luskan
  3. Find a way into Luskan
  4. (Optional) Meet Bosun Taddok in the cave
  5. (Optional) Speak to Finch
  6. Open the Sewers
  7. Enter the Sewers
  8. Exit the Sewers inside Luskan


Once in City Gates. Speak with Tollin and find a way into the city. Head to the Sewers, speak with Rickel and complete Rat Race to make it through the door he is guarding. Once through, head up the ladder into the Market District.

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    • Anonymous

      Making an entrace28 Jan 2017 20:29  

      This quest won't complete. Made the exit to the market district but the quest still shows active. Went to the Inn and completed other quests. Entered Luskan from the sewers many times but the quest still won't complete. Anyone know how to get this completed?

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