Tomb of the Ashen Priest is a Location in Sword Coast Legends. This dark cave is known to be the final resting place of the Ashen Priest, his ancient reign long forgotten by the mercurial minds of men. The air feels hot, here, as the blasting winds of the desert, and the dust of ages lends the air a musty, long-forgotten stench.

Tomb of the Ashen Priest Information

General Information

  • Previous Zone: Market District
  • Next Zone: Link
  • Recommended Levels: 5 to 7
  • Bosses: ??
  • NPCs: ??
  • Clearing this area opens ??
  • Other important notes


Area Walkthrough

This area is filled with Undead and traps so keep your Search skill on. You need to find the 3 corpses and loot them to be able to open the next section at the Altar of Ashes. There is a fake wall near the Altar with a Mimic in it. Head through the door that opened when you used the Altar and fight your way to the Ashen Priest. Speak to him and then kill him to receive the book and Eternal Staff of Torment. Return to Dagatha.

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