The Next Move

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type
Side Quest
Adventurer's Camp
Linked Quests
The Mind of Madness

The Next Move is a Side Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by completing The Mind of Madness

The Next Move Information

Important NPCs


  • 5600 XP
  • Ceremonial Guilded Eye Blade


  1. Go to the Cutlass to meet with Soronil
  2. Speak with Soronil beneath the Cutlass
  3. Find the Gilded Eye defector in Luskan
  4. Speak with the smuggling expert in the Slums
  5. Pay the smugglers fee for Raissa
  6. Return to Raissa for information on the captured guild member


Speak with Shivanni in The Cutless. She will give you a key to the Cutless Inn Cellar. Head down and speak with Soronil. Search the area for 3 wall buttons and push them to reveal a lever. Flip the lever to open up the Abandoned Sewers. Head back out, or clear the Abandoned Sewers if you wish. Once outside head to the Guild Hall to meet Raissa. Head to the Slums and speak to Findail. Pay the fee and meet with Raissa back at the Guild Hall.

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