The Cutlass is a Location in Sword Coast Legends. Notable for its warmth and comforting atmosphere, the Cutlass seems... different somehow. In your mind's eye, the familiar sounds of fellowship and revelry have fallen eerily silent.

The Cutlass Information

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Area Walkthrough

The Cutlass has many NPCs and quests to pick up. Be sure to speak to everyone. If you speak to the Cook you will unlock Vitner's Keep on the map. It has the Sunrise Cloak there in a chest behind a hidden wall. After speaking with the wounded guard, head to the 4 locations on the map until you find the one with Solonil. Help him defeat the Gilded Eye and then head to The Slums.

When you return to the Cutlass after completing The Mind of Madness there will be more Quests to pick up here and Shivanni will give you a key to the Cutlass Inn Cellar.

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