Sewers is a Location in Sword Coast Legends. Beneath the city of Luskan lies the ruins of the ancient city of Illusk, its forgotten passages inhabited by criminals, undead, and the drow mercenary group known as Bregan D'aerthe. That most inhabitants of Luskan consider these ruins a "sewer" shows how far Illusk has fallen from its former glory.

Sewers Information

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Area Walkthrough

This is a rather large area. You will need to make your way around the Sewers collecting 8 Ooze samples for the Sticky Samples quest if you wish to do it. In order to pass this area you will need to complete the Rat Race quest. Once inside the Dead Rats hideout you can speak with Titus Minton and pick up the Not Dead Yet... quest. Head through a few more enemies and up a ladder to the Market District.

The lower level is available after you complete the quest Not Dead Yet.... You can do the Dead Rat Retrieval quest here by destroying the 4 poison containers here. Poison resistant gear is recommended but not required. The Ooze here can be a pain.

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