Temple of Ghaunadaur is a Location in Sword Coast Legends. The walls seem to ooze and weep in this foul temple to That Which Lurks. Blasphemous prayers to Ghaunadaur line the walls, and the avern floor seems to slosh and squish with your every step. You almost feel your thoughts begin to cloud and slide as well, as you step deeper into the terrible temple.

Temple of Ghaunadaur Information

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Area Walkthrough

There are 2 traps through the very first door along with 2 Ooze behind them and a chest. There's a secret door to the left of the trap. Inside is another chest and another secret door. The room behind it requires the ? key. Double back and head to the right. There is a room full of about 9 Cultists here, so be careful. After that you will fight the High Priest and a Black Pudding and a few Cultists. It's a challenging fight. Loot the corpses and find the Marked Ruby for The Marked Rubies quest. Head through the door to the left and watch out for the Gelatinous Cube. Head through the door and fight more Cultists. The Altar is here along with a book for the Alteration Observations quest. Head back to the entrance and speak with Morlesh.

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    • Anonymous

      07 Apr 2019 21:17  

      Summoning Black Puddings? I suspect these culists are really followers of Ee Bah Goom and practioners of the deadly Lancastrain martial art of Ecky Thump. Better yet watch the classic Goodies episode Kung Fu Kapers if you can find a copy (unfortunately it seems to have been taken down from Youtube at the time of writing).

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