Abandoned Sewers is a Location in Sword Coast Legends. Once a thoroughfare in the ancient city of Musk, this section of the Luskan sewer system has long been forgotten by most denizens of Luskan. Those who have not forgotten revel in the isolation and privacy these fetid walkways grant them.

Abandoned Sewers Information

General Information

  • Previous Zone: Cutless Inn Cellar
  • Next Zone: ??
  • Recommended Levels: 6 to 8
  • Bosses: ??
  • NPCs: ??
  • Clearing this area opens ??
  • Clan Solar'el Dagger Handle drops here


Area Walkthrough

As soon as you walk in your will be confronted by Joylal Solar'el who will attack on sight. She drops a weapon hilt and a note from her father. Clear the Rats and Ooze until you get to a cut scene of the Mysterious Stranger. Follow after him and kill the Black Pudding. Search the wall on the left and open it after it is revealed. Kill the rats here and loot the chest. Once again, Search the left wall and open it after it is revealed. You can flip the lever to open the locked door from before. The door ahead requires the ? Key.

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