The Blind Beggar

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side Quest
Location Gilded Eye Chapterhouse
Linked Quests An Eye for an Eye

The Blind Beggar is a Side Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by picking up reading the journal in the library in Gilded Eye Chapterhouse

The Blind Beggar Information

Important NPCs

  • The Drunk Beggar
  • The Blind Beggar


  • If you choose to kill Drawde in Act III, you will receive 900XP and random loot.
  • If you choose to spare Drawde, he will tell you he stashed a weapon in the debris back in Luskan next to the Drunk Beggar.


  1. Find the blind beggar in Luskan
  2. Look for Drawde in Darklake
  3. Choose Drawde's fate
  4. (If you let Drawde live) Return to Luskan and search the debris pile next to the Drunk Beggar.


Head to the Market District in Luskan and speak with the beggar there (he's just outside the safehouse on the far west side). He'll mark the location on your map. The location seems to become active in act III. When you reach Gracklestugh you can find the Blind Beggar near the back of the district, alone in a side street. He will offer you a weapon if you spare him, or you can fight him.

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