Rat Race

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Quest Type
Main Quest
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Making an Entrance

Rat Race is a Main Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by speaking with Rickel in the Sewers.

Rat Race Information

Important NPCs


  • 500 XP


  1. Retrieve Rickel's new sword
  2. Find the rat with the sword hilt
  3. Find someone to fix the sword
  4. (optional) pay Rickel so you don't have to fix the sword
  5. Get a new sword for Rickel
  6. Deliver the sword to Rickel


This quest is simple. Find the room with the mysterious stranger. Speak with him and he'll give you the blade. Find the Pack Rat nearby with it's 4 Rats and kill it to retrieve the hilt. Either fix the blade by talking to the merchant in the sewers or bribe Rickel into letting you give him the parts.

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