Reign of Terror II

Point Blank Area of Effect
10 Yards
Reign of Terror
Modified by Stat
Ability Tree
Battle Master

Reign of Terror II is an Ability in Sword Coast Legends. Only Fighters may use this ability. All data values presented are at the lowest possble modifier (-1).

reign_of_terror_ii-icon.png Reign of Terror II

  • Effect: You let loose a shout of anger so violent that it overwhelms nearby foes. Affected enemies must make a DC 9 Wisdom saving throw or become confused for up to 60 seconds and suffer a -6 penalty to their AC, and grant combat advantage to their attackers. At the end of each round, affected targets may attempt to make a DC 9 Wisdom saving throw. If they succeed, the effect ends early.
  • Range: 12 Yards
  • Cost: 1 Points
  • Note: Increasing your Strength Modifier will raise the DC checks by 1.

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