Into Eternal Night

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type
Main Quest
The Forlorn Cliffs
Linked Quests
The Lair of Rhylfang

Into Eternal Night is a Main Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by completing The Lair of Rhylfang.

Into Eternal Night Information

Important NPCs


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  1. Search for Tezzarae's camp
  2. Restore the attunement crystal
  3. Use the crystal to re-focus the portals
  4. Search for the portal to the camp
  5. Search the area for clues to Tezzrae's disappearnce
  6. Speak to the strange derro
  7. Find where Ihzkin hid the stone
  8. Use Ihzkin's stone on the altar
  9. Take the portal entrance to the Underdark
  10. Travel through the caves to reach Gracklstugh


Head into the opening and make your way down the path. You'll run into some Quasits and an Umber Hulk. There is a puzzle here where you need to turn the pillars to face the markings on the ground. Once you do, you can activate the crystal. Be careful, you will be ambushed by Duergar when you do. Search the ground nearby for an Ominous Gem and visit the other portals in the area before heading through the one here. Once through, search the Duergar here for parts of the code to open Izzaxu's Kiln if you haven't already done it and pick up the Crystal Aegis Armor, then head out the portal on the other end. Make sure to explore all the portals before advancing the main quest. Head through the portal in the "middle" of this area and speak with Izhkin. Then head back through the portal and through another portal nearby, and another. You will find a corpse with the stone. Then head back to Tezzrae's camp and place the stone on the altar. A portal will open. Take it to arrive in some caves.

Inside the Underdark Descent you will run into some adventurers who will over you the quest The Porters. Head further on and watch for scattered traps here and there. There is a hidden wall all the way down to the left with some loot. Head there first, then head back and go right. There is a deranged Umber Hulk behind a locked door that you can flip a switch and release onto enemies aways up and more Drow and Spiders after that. Head through them and pick up the Axe Blade and Promissory Note, which will start the quest The Blood Debt. Then descend.

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