The Lair of Rhylfang

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Quest Type
Main Quest
Market District
Linked Quests
Sticky Situation

The Lair of Rhylfang is a Side Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by completing Chaos Breaks Loose.

The Lair of Rhylfang Information

Important NPCs


  • 5600 XP


  1. Travel to the Evermoors
  2. Search the lair of Rhylfang
  3. Find a way to remove the webs blocking the entrance
  4. Enter Rhylfang's Lair
  5. Investigate Rhylfang's Lair
  6. Destroy the rituals (0/3)
  7. Enter the catacombs of Rhylfang
  8. Get to Rhylfang's chamber
  9. Investigate the altar
  10. Defeat Rhylfang
  11. Return to the altar
  12. Activate the portal
  13. Enter the portal


The Evermoors is a large area, so it will take you awhile to get to the village in the swamp there. Look for Andra there and pick up the Sticky Situation quest. Free the villagers from the cocoons nearby (west of the village). Speak with Andra again and she will give you the Spidebane quest. Complete that and then you will be able to enter Rhylfang's Lair.

Through the first door you will find some Cultists performing a ritual. Kill them and stop it. There are 2 doors on the right. Head through them and kill the spiders and Drow there. There is a hidden wall on the right side of the room with a locked chest. In the chest is Defender. Keep clearing out the area and disrupting the rituals. There are lots of Spiders and Cultists, it will take you a bit. Then head back to the main room where you killed the fist Cultists and open the door. Head down the stairs to the next level.

It's a straight shot from here to the next chamber down a long corridor (watch out for the trap). Inside are 2 spiders and a Priestess of Loliath. Defeat them and finish the ritual on the corpse to summon Draegloth Favored One. Kill him and move on. There is a door ahead with a Mimic and to the left are some more Drow and Spiders along with a locked chest. Just past the room with a Mimic is a an NPC Thoregg, who sells Spider Eggs you can hatch. From here head to the right. The door is trapped so disarm it first. Kill the Drow and Spiders in this room. Loot the Carver of Venom from the chest. Head through the trapped door on the left and clear the room. The next room contains Rhylfang and he is a tough fight. Make sure you have potions ready, etc.

After defeating Rhylfang, and talk with Kerendor again and if you kill him loot his corpse for a sword blade. Then activate the portal at the altar and go through.

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