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Broken Piece of Shield

Gilded Eye Chapterhouse
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Broken Piece of Shield is a Mending Part in Sword Coast Legends.

Broken Piece of Shield Information

This hunk of metal once made up part of a shield. You sense the presence of someone watching you, though there's no ill intent. Instead, you feel an extra sense of security. Repairing this shield may provide some answers... or at the very least, protection.


  • In a trapped chest outside of the Gilded Eye Chapterhouse on the West side, beside the Bear Den located in Neverwinter Wood.
  • In large chest of Gilded Eye Chapterhouse's Armory (which can only be accessed once you have the key from upstairs)
  • Drops from skeletons at the statue Dedicated to the Rogue in the secret tunnels beneath the Gilded Eye Chapterhouse dungeon.

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