Guild Merchant

Starting Gold:
Attribute Bonus:
+1 Wisdom
Starting Items:
Healing Potion (5), Oil of Sharpness, Potion of Hill Giant Strength, Healer's Kit (2)
Guild Merchant is a Background in Sword Coast Legends.

Guild Merchant Information

You belong to a guild of traders, caravan masters, and shopkeepers. You earn a living by buying and selling the works of others (or the raw materials artisans need to practice their craft). Your guild might be a large merchant consortium (or family) with interests across the region. Perhaps you transported goods from one place to another, by ship, wagon, or caravan, or bought them from traveling traders and sold them in your own little shop. In some ways, the traveling merchant's life lends itself to adventure far more than the life of an artisan.

Recommended Classes

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Other Backgrounds With Wisdom Bonuses

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