Bigby's Grasping Hand II

Direct Effect
18 Yards
Hold Monster II Level 9
Modified by Stat
Bigby's Grasping Hand II is an Ability in Sword Coast Legends.

bigbys_grasping_hand-icon.png Bigby's Grasping Hand II

  • Effect: You create a large hand of shimmering, translucent force that attempts to grapple the targeted creature. The target must make a DC 9 Wisdom save or be restrained by the floating hand and take 3-17 Bludgeoning damage. The hand lasts up to 60 seconds, as long as the target fails a periodic DC 10 Strength save. While grappling the target, the hand will crush it, dealing 14-98 Bludgeoning over the duration of the spell.
  • Cost: 1 Points
  • Each increase in the Intelligence Modifier increases both damage ranges. The first by 1 damage and the second by 14 damage per increase. It also increases both DC checks by 1 per Modifier increase. Weapon damage has no effect.

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