The Other Luskan Cult

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type
Side Quest
The Cutlass
Linked Quests
Serving Bregan D'aerthe

The Other Luskan Cult is a Side Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by speaking with Calantha

Name of Quest Information

Important NPCs

  • Calantha
  • Bardithas


  • ??


  1. Speak with Calantha
  2. Speak with Bardithas
  3. Give Bardithas a bottle of Arrhenish
  4. Take the Polished Stone to the Noxious Cavern
  5. Confront the Cultists of Graz'zt
  6. Retrieve the Abyssal Relic


After meeting with Soronil in the basement of the Cutlass in Act II
Return to the Cutlass and speak with Calantha who is dining in the tavern. Buy her a drink, and she will tell you about a recent robbery.
Buy a bottle of Arrhenish from the barkeep. (You'll need it for the next step.)
Locate Bardithas who is stumbling around outside the tavern near the main market.
Trade him a bottle of Arrhenish for his "Polished Stone".
Take the Polished Stone to the Noxious Caverns outside of the Luskan Gates (across from the sewer entrance)
Touch the Polished Stone to the Pale Green Stone inside the cavern to open a secret door.
Confront the cultists inside, and reclaim the Abyssal Relic.

Fun fact: These cultists are mostly female (as you learn from Bardithas), and can be heard preaching the word of Graz'zt.
Graz'zt is also known as "The Dark Prince" and is one of the most powerful fiends in the abyss.
Although he has not gained a divine status, he is worshiped by witches and sorcerers, in return, he grants them sexual favors as well as magical powers.
As a result, his half-fiend children now populate the multi-verse.

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