The Marked Rubies

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side Quest
Location The Cutlass
Linked Quests The Mind of Madness

The Marked Rubies is a Side Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by speaking with Adrik Ironcross in The Cutlass after completing The Mind of Madness.

The Marked Rubies Information


Important NPCs



  • 500 gold per
  • Manual of Bodily Health (+1 CON)
  • Marked Ring (+3 AC, +2 INT, +10% Fire, Cold, Lightning, Acid protection)



  1. Bring any marked rubies you find to Adrik (0/10)



  1. One ruby is on some remains located in the NW corner of the Temple of Ghaunadaur.
  2. One ruby is located in the village in Evermoors. It's in a resident's house, in a vase on a bookshelf.
  3. In Belwar Mine place the Bregan D'aerthe Symbol (obtained by completing Serving Bregan D'aerthe) on the highest altar and the secret chamber will open.
  4. One is located in Maferil's Lyceum. A puzzle in the zone requires you to light up a 3x3 square of orbs (Light Orb Puzzle). The ruby is in a chest in that room.
  5. You can buy one from Golgamann. ***Additional ruby is avaialble for purchase once you completed Golgamann' Deal quest***
  6. After meeting Sorenil in the basement of The Cutlass , find the secret door behind him. Enter the abandoned sewers. Take the first door on the right. After killing the three jellies, break the barrels to find another Marked Ruby.
  7. One ruby is located in a chest at the end of Thangar's Stash, which can be found in the tax collectors house of Darklake District after solving the weight puzzle.
  8. One ruby is located in Overlake Hold. It's in one of the chests in the King Horgar V's vault, which can be accessed during the Prison for the Mind quest.
  9. In the Goblin's lair or the Grotto: Once you've defeated the Hobgoblins, select the left most chest.
  10. On the imprisoned Umber Hulk in the Forlorn Cliffs

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    • Anonymous

      14 May 2018 19:09  

      10. Is on an (initially imprisoned) Deranged Umber Hulk in the Underdark Passage, not in the Forlorn Cliffs.

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