Spikes of the Manticore IV

Ranged Area of Effect
18 Yards
Spikes of the Manticore III
Modified by Stat
Dexterity and Wisdom
Ability Tree
Beast Master

Spikes of the Manticore IV is an Ability in Sword Coast Legends.

spikes_of_the_manticore_iv-icon.png Spikes of the Manticore IV

  • Effect: You hurl a cluster of spikes tipped with poison from a manticore's stinger, triggered to shatter on impact and explode outward. Creatures in the area must make a DC 9 Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, each creature takes 9-34 Piercing and 9-34 Poison damage. Creatures that make the save take half damage.
  • Cost: 1 Points
  • Note: Increasing your Dexterity Modifier increases the DC of the save by 1 and the minimum and maximum Piercing damage by 1.
  • Note: Increasing your Wisdom Modifier increases the minimum and maximum Poison damage by 1.

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