Spikes of the Manticore II

Ranged Area of Effect
18 Yards
Level 5
Modified by Stat
Dexterity and Wisdom
Ability Tree
Beast Master

Spikes of the Manticore II is an Ability in Sword Coast Legends.

spikes_of_the_manticore_ii-icon.png Spikes of the Manticore II

  • Effect: You hurl a cluster of spikes tipped with poison from a manticore's stinger, triggered to shatter on impact and explode outward. Creatures in the area must make a DC 9 Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, each creature takes 7-28 Piercing and 7-28 Poison damage. Creatures that make the save take half damage.
  • Cost: 1 Points
  • Note: Increasing your Dexterity Modifier increases the DC of the save by 1 and the minimum and maximum Piercing damage by 1.
  • Note: Increasing your Wisdom Modifier increases the minimum and maximum Poison damage by 1.

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