Sins of the Past

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type
Side Quest
Adventurer's Camp
Linked Quests
Into Eternal Night

Sins of the Past is a Side Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by speaking with Illydia a the Adventurer's Camp after speaking with Izhkin in the Underdark.

Sins of the Past Information

Sins of the Past NPCs



  1. Uncover information about Illydia's past
  2. Ask Dalanir about lady Zinsianna
  3. Travel to the Shrine at Und'ok
  4. Search for Cerric
  5. Defeat Lady Zinsianna
  6. Leave the Shrine at Und'ok


After speaking with Illydia speak to Dalanir at the camp. He will mark the Shrine at Und'ok on your map and you will need to fast travel there. There are lots of Drow here. In the room to your right and down a bit is the Ripped Hood which you can use have the blacksmith make ?. If you head left, the door here is trapped, so disarm it. There is a chest inside. Head back and go right. Fight your way through a few more Drow and Giant Wolf Spiders until you reach Lady Zinsianna's chamber. You can convince Cerric to help you defeat her. After she is defeated you can pick up an effigy nearby. If you put it on the altar, spiders will attack you. Return to the entrance.

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