Maferil's Alchemy Bench

Alchemy Bench.jpg

Quest Type
Side Quest
Maferil's Lyceum
Linked Quests
The Mind of Madness

An alchemy bench with bottles of various colors is a Side Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by entering Maferil's Lyceum.

Potion Information

At this alchemy station, you can brew one of several types of potions that will alter your character in various ways.
In order to craft all the potions, you must complete the Light Orb puzzle in the northwest corner of the dungeon and
claim the Mysterious Green Vial.


  • The most prized potion you can brew is the Shifting Color Potion


Depending on your main character's Intelligence score, different potions will become available through the text choices.


With an INT score lower than 20
Red + Blue = Purple potion = 500-1000 (random) healing over time (180s)
Red + Yellow = Bright green potion = 44-88 Poison damage over time (90s)
Red + Green = Black potion = No healing effect works on this character (300s)
Blue + Yellow = Light blue potion = Vulnerability Necrotic (120s)
Blue + Green = Yellow potion = +75% speed, +4 AC (120s
Yellow + Green = Clear potion = Cannot use ability with verbal component (60s)

With an INT score higher than 20
Red + Blue + Green = Brackish Potion = Reduces Ability Cool downs by 15% (180s)
Red + Yellow + Green = White Potion = +3 Critical Range (180s)
Red + Blue + Yellow = Brown Potion = Giant Growth, grow to giant size and gain +4 STR (180s)
Blue + Yellow + Green = Shifting Color Potion = +1 CHA (permanent)

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