Jarhild Stoneforge is an NPC Companion in Sword Coast Legends.

Jarhild Stoneforge

Race Shield Dwarf
Class Fighter
Gender Female
Location The High Road

Jarhild Stoneforge Information

A shield dwarf as tough as an ox and as stalwart as a stone wall, Jarhild straps on armor and shield to fight for the ones she considers friends. As a member of the Order of the Burning Dawn, she has the opportunity to protect the innocent and bring justice to the evil… and make a little coin doing it. She's wise, powerful, and experienced in battle tactics, and when the people she loves are threatened, there is little in this world that can withstand her fury.

As a trained soldier, Jarhild is always prepared to do battle, be it on the front lines of a skirmish or the back room of a tavern. When not on the ready for imminent combat, however, she's ready to kick back and blow off steam with the rest of the hard-bitten warriors. She fights hard, and she plays hard, and woe be unto the poor soul who comments on the way she holds herself, the way she dresses, or the way she hefts her sword. As a dwarf who has faced down orc hordes, repelled incursions of giants, and even held fast against a dragon ambush, Jarhild doesn't feel a need to explain herself to anyone. She is who she is: a force to be reckoned with.

Jarhild's ancestry can be traced back to the Mithral Hall, but they scattered after Shimmergloom attacked. They returned to Mithral Hall when King Battlehammer signed the treaty with the Many-Arrow orcs.

As smiths, it is said they earned the name Stoneforge from being able to forge a blade fit for battle out of stone. Despite their apparent skill, Jarhild's family left Mithral Hall for Mirabar. There, they became well-known for their fine craftsmanship.

Jarhild grew up helping her father in the smithy, though she resented it as a child.


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