Holy Avenger is a Weapon in Sword Coast Legends.

Holy Avenger

Holy Avenger.jpg
Damage 2-8
Type Slashing
Requires Martial Weapon Proficiency Longsword
Value 6300
Weight 3
Special +3 to hit and damage
+6 to hit and damage vs Undead creatures

Holy Avenger Information

Often sought by Paladins the world over, the Holy Avenger is the ultimate price for any champion of justice. When properly wielded by a Paladin, the blade can decimate even the strongest fiends and undead.


  • Can be forged by the Blacksmith in the Market District for 30,000 Gold. Must have parts
  • Angel Wing Hilt piece: Rescuing Leoril, he gives it to you.
  • Angel Wing Hilt piece: Found in vase by searching the underground lair beneath the altar to Ghaundir in the center of the Evermoors during the Spiderbane quest
  • Broken Sword Blade: Search Kerendor's body after slaying Rhyllfang in Rhyllfang's Lair

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    • Anonymous

      18 Jul 2019 14:56  

      I equipped the Holy Avenger to my paladin. The stats did not change. it's still a completely***** sword. The Sun Blade is better - do not waste the 35,000 gold to make the Holy Avenger :(

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