Hearts of Stone

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side Quest
Location Adventurer's Camp
Linked Quests An Eye for an Eye

Hearts of Stone is a Side Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by speaking to Bryn at the Adventurers Camp after completing An Eye for an Eye.

Hearts of Stone Information

Important NPCs



  1. Find a merchant that knows about the Infernal Stone
  2. Search the warehouse in Luskan
  3. Convince the guard to let you through
  4. Search the warehouse
  5. Talk to the guard
  6. Find the mercenary hideout
  7. Search the hideout
  8. Deal with the mercenaries
  9. Find the Ship Rethnor sailor's home
  10. Check on the sailor
  11. Search the house
  12. Defeat Thesian
  13. Defeat Thesian and Madelith


Speak with Sharya (Armor Merchant) in the Market District and she'll tell you to go to the warehouse. Map Travel to the Luskan Warehouse and speak to Pettlin and convince her to let you in [CHR check]. Search the warehouse [WIS check on one] and then head out. Fight Grampt and his gang and then speak with Pettlin again. Head to the Luskan Slums. Head into one of the residences there and open the hatch to the Luskan Mercenary Hideout. Fight the Mercenaries and Imps here and reach the back of the hideout. Kevkos will be there with guards you can CHA or STR check her into not fighting if you wish. She will tell you to look for a sailor from the Ship Rethnor. Head to the Market District and head to the residence nearest the vanity merchant. Check on Thesian and then search his place. There is a nice amulet here Devil's Favor. Then check on Thesian again. Defeat Thesian and then defeat Thesian and Madelith.

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