Guild Armory Key

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Guild Armory Key is an Item in Sword Coast Legends.

Guild Armory Key Information

This Key unlocks the heavy door to the Burning Dawn Armory.

Mended by the Blacksmith in Luskan for 300g. Must have parts.
  • Broken Key Half located on Mikey's corpse on the first floor of the Burning Dawn Guildhall in the room behind the counter.
  • Broken Key Half can be found in the basement of the Burning Dawn Guildhall on the remains closest to the statue. This room is accessed by pulling the lever behind the counter.


  • Used to unlock the Armory in the upper floor of the Burning Dawn Guildhall

    • Anonymous

      Basement key07 Aug 2016 03:57  

      I have the Xbox one edition and there is no lever behind a counter. I've been doing this for a couple hours trying to figure it out.

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