Golgamann's Deal

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Companion Quests
Location Adventurer's Camp
Linked Quests None

Golgamann's Deal is a Companion Quest in Sword Coast Legends.
You can start this quest by speaking to Izhkin in the adventurer's camp any time after entering Graklstugh,


Important NPCs

  • Golgamann
  • Izkin
  • Old Ezra
  • Velop


The following items will appear in Golgamann's store.



  1. Speak with Izkin and Golgamann in the Adventurer's Camp anytime after you enter Gracklstugh.
  2. Travel to the Luskan Slums in search of Velop
  3. Speak with the peasant
  4. Speak with Old Ezra
  5. Go into the North Catacombs and use Ezra's Key on Toka's memorial. (The key can't be found in your inventory)
  6. Descend into the passage under Toka's Memorial.
  7. Collect Toka's Chalice from Toka's remains.
  8. Return the chalice to Old Ezra
  9. Go to Gracklstugh
  10. Enter the easternmost residence in Gracklstugh.
  11. Speak with Velop.
  12. Decide Velops fate
  13. Return to Golgamann

Journal Updates

Izhkin's corpse companion, Golgamann, has become worried about the wellbeing of Velop, one of his clients. Golgamann has tasked you with finding Velop and protecting him from some unknown threat. Izhkin claims that Velop knew of a secret Underdark tunnel that led into the graveyard of a surface town called Loose Can. Why does that name sound familiar?

The slums of Luskan lie on the outskirts of the graveyard. If someone saw Velop, this would be the place to look. You should ask around.

A local informed you that Velop did live in the slums for a time. A least until his amulet of disguise was destroyed, revealing him to be a goblind! He was chased out of town, and hasn't been seen since, but if anyone would know where he went, it would be Old Ezra.

You spoke with Old Ezra, a particularly foul elderly human woman, who says she knows the whereabouts of Velop. To gain her help, she tasked you with finding her lost chalice somewhere inside one of the cemetery's mausoleums. Only upon returning the chalice will she give you the information on Velop.

Deep inside the mausoleum, you found the corpse of a man long chained within and retrieved the chalice from his stiff, dead fingers. Now to return it to Old Ezra on the surface, back in the Luskan slums.

With her chalice in hand, Ezra was much more willing to talk about Velop. Ezra says that Velop scurried back down to whatever hole he came from to his home in Gracklstugh. At least you have a lead.

Old Ezra was right. you found Velop within a small house in the Darklake District in Gracklstugh. Now you need to convince him to take your protection.

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