Family Ties

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type
Side Quest
Adventurer's Camp
Linked Quests
Into Eternal Night

Family Ties is a Side Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by speaking with Dalanir at the Adventurer's Camp after locating Izhkin in the Underdark.

Family Ties Information

Important NPCs

  • Valagh
  • Talisstra
  • Mysterious Stranger


  • If you kill Talisstra:
    • Crescent Fang (dagger).
    • Talisstra's Ring (+3 Wisdom, +3 Intelligence).
  • If you spare Talisstra:
    • Tome of Intelligence.
    • One of the following net changes to Danalir's stats (depends on priest chosen):
      • +1 Intelligence, +1 Constitution.
      • +2 Intelligence, -1 Constitution, +1 Dexterity.


  1. Meet up with Valagh in the Underdark
  2. Travel to the secret Bregan D'aerthe cave
  3. Search for Talisstra within the cave
  4. Determine Talisstra's fate
  5. Speak with the Bregan D'aerthe guard
  6. Depending on your choice at 4:
    • Return to the Mysterious Stranger with the password (if you killed her)
    • Find a way to remove Dalanir's curse (if you spared her)


Valagh is in Gracklstugh, at the Shattered Spire in the Darklake District. Talk to him and he'll reveal the location of Belwar Mine, in the Underdark. Along the way you'll come across a puzzle that requires putting colored crystals in a certain order to open a door. There's multiple solutions, one of them being to put the purple crystal anywhere, skip one slot, put the turquoise crystal, then put the green crystal immediately after (these steps are done counter-clockwise around the circle). The blue crystal can be found on one of the crystal stones on the ramp right before the riddle area. The other crystals (yellow, turquoise, and green) can be found behind a hidden passage on a wall right next to the riddle device.

You will eventually find an NPC that lets you into the room he trapped Talisstra in. He may give you Talisstra's Amulet during the conversation if you ask (and you should if you're considering sparing her). Then you make the choice between sparing or killing her, which leads to a major split in the questline:

A) If you kill her, the guard NPC says that, since you've made the right choice (in Bregan D'Aerthe's eyes), you should speak to the Mysterious Stranger at the sewers to claim your reward (the Crescent Fang weapon).

B) If you spare her, however, Danalir gets cursed by Lolth and his stats drop (-1 Constitution, -1 Intelligence). Speak to the guard and you'll learn that a powerful priest is needed to lift the curse. Here, once again, the quest branches off, since there are two priests (one in Luskan, one in Gracklstugh) who can help you:

B.1) The priest of Corellon Larethian is in Luskan, in one of the houses marked simply as "Residence", and his cure gives Danalir +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence. Considering the previous drop from the curse, the net result is that Danalir ends this quest with +1 Intelligence and +1 Constitution this way. This priest charges 8,000 gold for his services.

B.2) The priest of Lolth is in Gracklstugh's Darklake district, also in a building marked simply as "Residence", and her cure gives you +1 Dexterity, +3 Intelligence. Considering the previous drop from the curse, the net result is that Danalir ends this quest with +1 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -1 Constitution. This priest charges 15,000 gold for her services.

In either case, you can give them Talisstra's Amulet instead of paying the fee if you have it (not sure if it's used for anything else later). Also, after the procedure (with either priest), Danalir gives you a Tome of Intelligence, which permanently raises someone's intelligence by 1.

Note that the bonus stats Danalir gets from lifting the curse CAN go above the natural limit of 20. For example: if his intelligence was already 20 before the quest began and he lifts the curse, his new Intelligence will be either 21 or 22 (depending on priest chosen). The bonus from the Tome of Intelligence can also go beyond 20.

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