Family Matters

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type
Side Quest
Adventurer's Camp
Linked Quests
The Mind of Madness

Family Matters is a Side Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by by speaking to Jarhild in the Adventurer's Camp after completing The Mind of Madness.

Family Matters Information

Important NPCs



  1. Talk to Jarhild's mother
  2. Investigate Yari and Fanna's disappearnce
  3. Speak with Felock the Elder
  4. Find the Slaver's Hideout
  5. Kill the slavers
  6. Return to Jarhild's mother


Speak with Jarhild's mother at The Cutlass. Head to the residence north of the vendors in the Market District. Speak with Erron and he'll tell you to speak with Felock the Elder. Speak with Felock and bribe him into marking the Slavers' Hideout on your map. Use the world map to travel to the Slavers' Hideout and speak with Wensel there. Then kill all the Slavers. Return to Nysrin when done.

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